Vientiane Café is a small family run business established in 2002. Chef Daovy Phanthavong, along with her husband Phoxay Sidara and their two daughters Manorack and Sunny Phanthavong have been serving the community over 12 years. 

Vientiane Café started out as the “Blue Tarp” and also known as the “Blue Tent” or the “Backyard Spot”, known to serve food outside of Chef Daovy’s home. By word of the mouth, her home business grew and community-goers and travelers lined outside the backyard waiting to taste the $3 plates of Pad Thai and various curries. 

In translation Daovy means "star", and that she is. Daovy has been cooking for the community for more than over 20 years, giving them a taste of Laos by cooking home-style meals. Daovy immigrated to America in the early 80's and what she brought along with her is the knowledge of traditional Lao hospitality, culture and cuisine.

Today, Vientiane Cafe is thriving and building much stronger, being able to offer traditional Lao-Thai cuisine with a twist, such as serving Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. The restaurant will cater to any palate and diet restrictions with their knowledgeable staff. And lastly, we’re also known for very romantic dates, big group parties or just quick solo lunches. So take advantage of the BYOB and let us take care
of the rest.