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Below are articles we found covering our annual Adventurous Eats event.  If you come across articles on the web or social media that you would like to share, feel free to send us an email at info@vientiane-cafe.com and we will be gladly to post them here.


East Kensington Is Getting Laotian Fare With Vientiane Bistro

The Adventurous Eats dinner is back April 29 at West Philly’s Vientiane Café, with eight courses of uncommon Laotian dishes not usually seen around here — and it’s not for the squeamish....


Get Out of Your Comfort Zone at Vientiane’s Adventurous Eats Dinner

On any given day, Lao-Thai restaurant Vientiane Café in Cedar Park serves up items like green papaya salad, curries, and pad thai — nothing that the average metropolitan diner should find unfamiliar....


Vientiane's Adventurous Eats Dinner Is Not for the Squeamish

Cuisine imported from other countries is usually, out of necessity, adapted to the local palate. The original ingredients might not be readily available, or the heat and spice might be more than the average American taste buds can handle. But Vientiane Cafe is throwing caution to the wind with an Adventurous Eats dinner inspired by the Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.